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WebSpins New Book Notification Service

WebSpins is a free service that provides you with updated information on new and important books and software in your specialty. Subscribers to this free service will receive an E-mail at the beginning of each month containing a special Web address that links you to a list of titles tailored to your selected fields of interest. You may choose as many categories as you'd like.

Protection of Your Rights

  • We will maintain your privacy. We will not sell or rent information about our subscribers or customers to any third party.
  • There is no obligation with this E-mail service. Subscribers that receive the free bulletin are not required to make a purchase.
  • You can remove yourself from this list at any time by sending an E-mail request to the WebSpins editor and using the word REMOVE as the subject of your message or by using the Unsubscribe button on this page.
  • Please feel free to submit your questions or suggestions at any time to WebSpins editor.

Pricing Policy
The prices listed on this website are monitored very closely for accuracy. Occasionally, pricing errors do occur. In the rare event
that this may happen, you will be notified of the price difference prior to shipment. At that time you will have the option
to accept the corrected price or cancel your order.